All initiatives are carried out in compliance with the provisions of the law, are indicated in the current DPCM and will be scheduled from time to time following the indications contained in future DPCMs.

This agreement was written in German. In case of conflict between any translated versions of this Agreement and the German version, the latter will prevail.

To benefit of the services offered by the website, and all other of these child domains and child sites (in the rest of this page named “website” all together),it is necessary that you (“User”) accept the subsequent General Conditions (property,content of the website,Copyright and trademarks) agreement in all its parts.

The website and all its contents (with the exception of parts of the text) , among other brands, logo, icons and all that which is not expressly cited in these condition , but still within the website, is owned by the owner or third parties that it supply them with services.

These are protected by Italian and international copyright laws. The elements of the web page (images, texts and other information) may not be reproduced on other websites or published without the written consent of the owner.

The website (and the names of the products, services, graphics and logos) are registered trademarks of the owner. The other named products, services and company names may be registered trademarks of their respective owners .
The site may contain links to websites that are not handled directly by the owner and that are only supplied as a simple reference: for this reason, the owner cannot be, in no way, considered responsible for any damage. The owner is on this site does not guarantee or assume any responsibility.

Exclusion of warranty
The owner and consequently its providers make no warranty on to the validity of the website, its accuracy, completeness, reliability of the information and the materials and products contained therein. To the extent permitted by applicable law , the owner provides no implicit or explicit warranties on functionalities and fitness for any particular purpose.

Limitation of liability
The owner in no way can be held responsible for any damage arising from the use of the website, including any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages as those that could arise from the temporary failure of the website and its inaccessibility .

Use of the website
The website cannot be used, under any circumstances, for sending pornographic material or material which against common decency, or, more generally , illegal and other purposes pursued as those that have been agreed at the member joins agency and quoted in full here.

No matter for what purpose: reproduction, copy , distribution, sale, modification , duplication, or whatever the use of the website is prohibited. The non-authorized use of the website and the material contained therein constitute a violation of applicable rights over intellectual property. The user agrees to comply with all indications over trademarks and copyrights contained on the downloaded or copied materials .

Posts from users
With his/her participation, the user accepts that he/she transfers all property of photos, documents and any other contributions to the website owner, and amendment rights to the owner, which is (by virtue of this transfer ) have the right to modify it in whole or in part, correct, integrate or remove . Inserting text contributions (or any kind) can be performed only by someone who has the relevant rights. It follows that the user must check that the content has not been published elsewhere (digital and / or on paper) , and to respect the author’s rights and the relevant provisions of this and completely the execution of any method to proxy for the to load recent publication on this website by yourself .

The owner also reserves the authority to use the contributions of the user as he pleases, including the publication of the same on other Internet websites, social networks , magazines and on radio and/or television broadcasts .

Age and liability of the user 
The users must be adult and must have the required capacity to use the website to accept the general conditions, and assume any liability arising out of the use of the same website.

The user who can register is bound, by external means, such as Facebook and Twitter to give personal information and guarantees that they are true, accurate and updated. The user notes for each use of the website by himself/herself or someone who uses his personal data, to be responsible.

Other conditions
Other terms and conditions which are different from the present one, may have applications in the sale of goods and services, or the use of other sections of the website. The user declares that he/she will abide by such other terms and conditions.

Applicable law and jurisdiction
In these General Conditions the Italian law applies, while the user for any dispute from the access to the website or its use, or concerning the downloading or use of the submitted material, or because of any other legal issue between the user and the owner or other person who contributed to the realization and on the same line cooperate , or to contribute to, the competent court of jurisdiction is Rome (Italy).

Amendment of the General Conditions 
The owner retains the right to amend the website and the existing “General Conditions” at any time. The changes will be communicated in the website and, subject to the right of rescission of the user, he/she will proceed according to the modified version of the general conditions with the use of the site .

Doubts or questions?
For any doubts or questions that arise as to the conditions of use of the website or its purpose, you can contact us by using the site or the e- mail address [email protected] .

Explanation for Privacy
In order to facilitate the login process, the website makes use of automated methods that are provided by some social networking sites , and acquires only few published personal data, To have more informations, you can consult our privacy statement , and contact us at [email protected]

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