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Some interesting places in Rome (Part 1)

That might sound funny at first, as there should be many interesting places in Rome. For me it is important to give those who are really looking for something new and interesting a few tips for their next stay in Rome. So if you want to get to know special and interesting places in Rome, you should follow this blog.

During your stay in Rome, be sure to plan your visit to Villa Farnesina. It does not cost you much time, and besides, this beautiful villa, built at the beginning of the 16th century by a wealthy banker from Siena, is located in the heart of the characteristic Trastevere district where everyone must have been once.

What makes the visit to this romantic villa located on the banks of the Tiber particularly appealing is the private atmosphere that you can feel as soon as you enter the entrance gate: through an idyllic garden, which today still reveals the former generosity of the property, you get into the elegant interiors, whose fresco cycles – love stories and constellations – make a personal reference to the life of the client Agostino Chigi. Chigi was one of the most influential figures of Rome in the 16th century; This is proved not only by the contemporary anecdotes and his relations with the Pope, but also by the fact that he called some of the then most famous artists to his court. For example, Raphael left him for some time the work in the papal stanzas to realize for Chigi the romantic cycle of Cupid and Psyche and the beautiful Galatea. In addition to Raffael, famous artists such as Baldassare Peruzzi, Sodoma and Sebastiano del Piombo also worked here. Of course, you can also visit the villa on a walk through Trastevere alone, but if you want to know more about the frescoes, the Renaissance painting or just about the life of the extravagant Agostino Chigis, then we recommend a private guided tour of the Villa Farnesina.

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