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City tours for children

Tailored children's tours in Rome Exploring Rome with children is a challenge that parents often face during the preparation phase of their journey. With our eclectic range of children's tours, the journey through Rome will be a relaxing experience for the whole family! As varied and eccentric as the Eternal City itself, so interesting and original, we have designed our different children's tours through Rome. German-speaking city guides, trained as children, guide them as a single family through the ancient sites of Rome and convey the culture of the ancient Romans in a playful, active and fun way. Historical backgrounds, above ground or in Rome's underworld, seductively and age appropriate packed so that even the parents get their money. Major sights - especially the world-famous Coliseum - discover on the scavenger hunt and visit without queues. Explore art and history with guessing games and get to know Julius Caesar. Create your own travel guide and savor with pleasure. Try the most delicious pasta, look over the shoulder of the pizza maker, discover and experience the best ice cream shop, where the ancient Romans bought fabrics, spices, cattle and fish. Learn curious stories about the ugliest biscuits and the "city of cats", test their honesty in the mouth of the truth or decipher the secret mosaics of Rome on a visit to the port city of Ostia Antica. The life of the city in ancient times can be mastered on foot or explored on one of our special picnic bike rides, thanks to our tailored children's tours in Rome.

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