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Is the Roma Pass worth it?

Many travelers on Rome will find out about the Roma Pass through various websites or travel guides before they leave – a “savings card” for some, but perhaps not for others. So one question that many ask themselves before they go to Rome is: is the Rompass worth it for me?

We can give you the right answer!

You can choose between a 24-hour ticket (1 free museum visit + reduced admission to the following attractions) and a 36-hour ticket (2 free museum visits + reduced admissions at the following attractions). In addition, both cards include free metro and bus travel for the given period, as well as discounts at some events, such as exhibitions.

Is the Romapass really worth it? First, you should study the list of museums belonging to the Rome Pass. If you are primarily interested in visiting the Colosseum and the Vatican Museums from the inside, then the passport is not worth the trouble. With the 24-hour pass (28 euros) you will get free admission to the Coliseum, but not to the Vatican Museums, which are not part of the Roma Pass. On the other hand, with the new “Roma card“, which also gives you 24 hours of free travel and our reserved tickets for the Colosseum, you pay € 22 and can also enjoy a privileged admission. That only for a concrete example.

Some of Rome’s most famous attractions that you might be interested in include: Coliseum + Roman Forum + Palatine (considered 1 entry), Castel Sant’Angelo, Trajan’s Market, Caracalla Bath, Ostia Antica, Capitoline Museums, Galleria Borghese. Other museums can be found on the English website.

Since children under 18 years of age have free admission everywhere or pay only the reservation fee, the pass is of course out of the question for you (I already had families who were sold this passport).

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