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Different ways to visit the Vatican Museums

If you come to Rome during the main travel season, it’s hard to avoid crowds in the Vatican Museums. Even if you get up early, you will realize that you were not the only one who had this idea. Romamirabilia will find a way for you to make your visit to the Vatican Museums as stress-free as possible, starting with booking the tickets and following them on a privileged path without queuing up to the museum. In a quiet place we will give you a first overview of the history of the Vatican and the painting of the Sistine Chapel on the basis of plates and stories
This will help you to orientate yourself in the subsequent visit of the frescoes of Michelangelo, which often is not easy with the crowds. Of course, we will also guide you to the most important statues of the Vatican Museums, but we also draw your attention to works of art and their backgrounds that you would never have known otherwise.

If you are already planning your summer vacation, you are advised to visit the Vatican Museums on Friday evening, as the number of visitors will then decrease significantly and the lighting in the rooms will decrease
cause special fascination. For companies planning a special event in Rome, Romamirabilia opens the Vatican Museums privately after the normal closing times.

We also pay special attention to families with children, who keep asking themselves whether their offspring is already at the right age for a guided tour through the Vatican Museums. We will inspire your children with exciting stories and information: you will learn much about the technique of painting of the great Renaissance artists, the Greek and Roman gods and the life of the popes. With our private guided tours of the Vatican Museums, despite the many visitors, you will feel that you have come to know the collection in a different and more individual way than those who are just anxious not to lose the connection of your group. This tour also gives you the opportunity to get to St. Peter’s Basilica without waiting.

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