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Life in Roman Antiquity: Roman Forum, Colosseum and Capitol

The singular view of the Capitol over the ruins of the antique buildings of the Roman Forum, the Palatin and the Colosseum has been for centuries a popular object for poets, writers and painters.The Capitoline hill and its former Temple of Jupiter were the center of all the most sacred religious and political ceremonies in Ancient Rome. The present arrangement of the square goes back to Michelangelo who designed the palaces, the square and the dramatic flight of steps, the Cordonata. Two of the three buildings are now home of the wonderful Capitoline Museums, the other building is the seat of the municipal government. Our tour will lead us then to the Emperor forums, among them the impressive markets and the triumphal column of the emperor Trajan. From there we enter the Roman Forum, the former political, economical and religious centre of Ancient Rome. Reconstructions and literary sources help to take our imaginations into the way of life during Imperial Rome. The tour will end at the Colosseum, Rome’s greatest amphitheater.


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